Conflict management goes hand in hand with excellent communication skills. There are three choices during a conflict, you can fight and be aggressive to overcome your opponent, be weak and fly away from the incident, or be a smart communicator and create a win-win situation. Controlling emotions during a busy work lifestyle is an essential skill when the conflict happens. Being level-headed and choosing the win-win tool is a skill anybody can learn and apply in the workplace or in any of the walks of life. This course helps people to not just deal with conflict however it also helps them prevent it. The best way to prevent any conflict is to identify in which level it is and how to stop it on that certain level before deteriorating to crises.

Course Objectives:
  • Managing perceptions.

  • Levels of conflict.

  • Reasons behind the conflict in the workplace.

  • Stopping conflict in its early stages.

  • Successful tools to manage conflict.

  • Different characters of people during the conflict.

  • The importance of assertiveness over aggressiveness.

  • The importance of assertiveness over passiveness.

  • Building self-confidence.

  • Practice positive and realistic thinking.

  • Mapping the conflict to deal with it.