School is a great way to develop the young minds and help them face the world however some skills are not focused on in the daily school activities.  Performa Consulting helps students to enable their softskills which will help them deal with core subjects and be ready to apply them in life.  

Performa offers the following workshops to the youth:

  •   Youth Leadership Program

  •   Emotional Intelligence (E.I) and Conflict Resolution

  •    Self-Motivation and Positive Thinking

  •   Smart and Youthful Planning

  •   Communication and Interpersonal Skills

  •  Creative Problem Solving

  •  Self-Confident and Assertive Youth

  •   Smart Career and Excellent C.V


Further Description Below:


Youth Leadership Program




Normally youth seek a role model to follow and an authority to rely on.  They might be shocked with certain symbols they followed, and hence they keep changing their choice of authority.  They may choose an authority from their values or the NZ environment.   This course helps the delegates not to just be followers however to be leaders who can lead themselves, families, communities and friends to success.  It shows them the correct way to be vigilant and stand on their feet by being proper role models in the NZ environment.


Course Objectives


  • Understanding what leadership is.

  • NZ cultural awareness.

  • Being a leader v.s being a follower.

  • Why choose the path of leadership.

  • Different types of leadership.

  • Applying the right leadership styles.

  • Understanding your leadership role in the NZ Community.

  • How to be a young, charismatic leader in NZ.

  • Winning hearts and minds through positive Influence.

  • Standing up for your rights.

  • Gaining acknowledgment from School staff, friends and community members.

  • Taking on and finishing projects successfully.




  Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Resolution




Many adults believe they are wiser and more mindful than the youth, yet they find it difficult to control their emotions and manage differences well.  If adults find it difficult to control emotions, we need to empathize with the youth who are under pressure from different environmental factors.


Emotional intelligence is the art of recognizing, understanding and controlling one’s emotions.  Some youth express their emotions in an explosive way during the conflict; others keep them bottled in.  Both cases result in high stress and anxiety.  This course enables the youth to control their emotions well and deal with differences and conflict wisely.


Course Objectives


  • Solid background and understanding of (E.I) Emotional Intelligence

  • The importance of E.I for the youth social life and school

  • Exploring the 5 domains of Emotional Intelligence

  • How to manage your emotions well

  • Identifying different areas of how E.I can improve the youth lifestyle

  • Covering E.I self-assessment to help discover self-better

  • Understanding the real definition of conflict

  • Knowing the difference between positive and negative conflict

  • Identifying the levels of conflict

  • Exploring reasons behind conflict

  • The main styles of negotiating through conflict

  • Forming positive and impacting feedback to resolve the conflict

  • How to do active listening to resolve the conflict

  • Different types of difficult people and how to deal with them

  • The importance of Assertiveness in handling conflict

  • The disadvantage of using fight or flight methods in resolving conflict


  Self-Motivation and Positive Thinking




Youth look for motivators from the outside world, and if they do not find them, they feel down and end up underperforming in life.  Studies, peer pressure and the mixed messages from the environment can have a major burden on the youth and hence they try to create a positive environment for themselves. 


They may resort to ethical and unethical means of motivation and stress relievers.  This course helps the youth recognize and create positivity in their lives.  It also guides them to create and use ethical motivators and how unethical stress relievers may drag them down.


Course Objectives


  • Understanding the value of positive thinking

  • Dealing with negativity wisely when it attacks

  • Understanding the positive Kiwi spirit

  • Natural happiness v.s Synthetic happiness

  • How Synthetic happiness plays a major role in the working life

  • Creating initiatives for a happy life style in social life and school

  • The different aspects of positive thinking and how to utilize them

  • How positive kiwis have a solution-oriented mindset when facing problems

  • Avoiding stress through positive thinking

  • Defusing the energy of negative friends and family members wisely

  • The wrong actions that can cause demotivation

  • Why does motivation ware out and how to restore it

  • Different methods to motivate self

  • How to be enthusiastic about school




  Smart and Youthful Planning



 One may find certain youths who are well organized and manage their studies well however lack of time management, smart planning and leaving things to the last minute became a culture for many Kiwi and immigrant youth.   While studies can be overwhelming, there are still ways to plan well within the intellectual level of the youth.


This course enables the youth to see the value of goal setting and how to draw a successful future for themselves.  It also helps them to understand the value of planning and being organized as well as how to plan things yearly, monthly, weekly and daily.



Course Objectives


  • Setting my vision and goals in New Zealand

  • What is my purpose and role in Aotearoa society

  • SMART goals setting

  • Exploring the value and reasons of planning for the youth

  • Identifying youthful time wasters in NZ

  • Dealing with time wasters wisely

  • Useful planning and time management tools

  • Using the mobile phone device for smart time management and planning

  • The value of being organized in NZ schools and social life

  • The result of being disorganized

  • Managing my time or managing my energy?

  • How to increase my energy level for excellent performance

  • Valuable breaks that allow me to perform better

  • Being assertive to manage time




 Interpersonal and Communication Skills




We all come from different backgrounds and hence expressing ourselves based on those backgrounds.  The important thing to take note of is; we do it a lot unconsciously, and we just blurt out words.  If as adults we feel we need to be more responsible and we need to set examples to think about the youth who have more raging energy.  Being a smart communicator is a great plus for youth in NZ.  This would mean he/she can manage their relationships well and spread the message of empathy and active listening.


This course shows the youth the downfall of communication barriers, arrogant feedback and the lack of empathy.  It also gives them the ability to deal with conflict wisely without resorting to the fighting and flying modes and reaching a common solution for all.  IT shows them the value and the outcomes of active listening and how to give feedback wisely to solve any communication problem.



Course Objectives


  • The importance of clear communication

  • How empathy plays a major role in communication amongst youth

  • Understanding your perspective and your friends perspective

  • Working with people with different backgrounds

  • Knowing the great NZ spirit of empathy

  • Building Stronger relationships through powerful communication

  • Building rapport with friends

  • The magic of active listening amongst youth

  • Corrective and supportive feedback

  • Identify and find methods to break down communication barriers amongst your friends

  • Avoiding conflict with smart communication

  • How to influence others and create a greater buy-in

  • How to create harmony and a high team spirit with friends and acquaintances

  • Nonverbal communication – smart body language to support verbal communication




  Creative Problem Solving




Thinking outside the box is a great capacity for any human being.  Routine can be useful however a mindset that is stuck to routine will find life challenging and will be hard to solve problems. Having an open mind enables the youth to solve problems quicker than a closed mind-set.  Meeting challenges with an open mind-set will help them elicit different solutions from themselves, i.e. being resourceful.


As the youth face pressure from school, family and community they may be overwhelmed and they do not know and hence resort to unacceptable solutions.  Creativity helps them to be more resourceful and look outside the box for solutions rather than being stuck with routine mentality hence make hasty decisions.



Course Objectives


  • What is creative thinking.

  • Defining the barriers to creativity for the youth - identifying limited mind-set

  • Understanding the importance of creative thinking for the school

  • How to remove barriers of creativity

  • Visiting great examples of NZ creativity

  •  Successful methods to help youth become and stay creative at school and life

  • Examining the right problem-solving styles at the workplace

  • Dealing with complex problems in an open mind

  • Analysing the reasons behind the problems

  • Smart and Creative ways to solve problems swiftly and gracefully

  • Dealing with the problem with confidence

  • Being a practical problem solver





 Self-Confident and Assertive Youth


It is known that many youths need to build up their self-confidence and face all difficulties in life.  Self-confidence is a great capacity for the youth to have to deal with their peers, school staff, family and community members well.  The overwhelming environment for the youth can be crushing their trust in themselves hence their confidence can be shaky.  In addition to that, they may resort to unwise means to deal with their issues.  This workshop helps the youth to be more assertive in their behavior with others and deal with difficult situations with more confidence.  It also gives them the ability to confirm the validity of their actions with confidence and have an overlook to the future with self-assurance.


Course Objectives


  • Explore the circle of confidence

  • What makes a shaky youth

  • Confident Kiwi spirit

  • Spike-up your confidence with the ability of public speaking

  • Standing up for yourself and your rights confidently

  • Understanding the meaning of Assertiveness.

  • The difference between assertiveness and confidence

  • Who are the Aggressive and Passive characters

  • The disadvantages of being a Passive/ Aggressive character

  • Passive people and self-confidence

  • Aggressive people and false confidence

  • Successful assertiveness techniques to improve your communication

  • The positive result of assertiveness and confidence amongst your peers

  • Rebuilding the youth self-confidence when it starts fading away




  Smart Career and Excellent C.V


Clear path helps anybody to reach their desired dream.  The youth now days seem to be striving to reach good grades from year to year only.  Part of being a successful youth in NZ is utilizing the opportunities great Aotearoa provides you as a youth.   Many youths do not educate themselves well about the social, governmental and career opportunities in NZ because they are busy passing their grades.  They later face overwhelming choices of higher education hence and some confusing career paths and hence many make choices not in their favor.  After they choose the wrong career or the higher education path; they suffer and keep changing those paths.

This workshop has similarities with the Youthful Planner one however it focuses more on career path clarity, making sure the youth are comfortable with their future choice, what they need to do to reach their from school onwards and C.V design best practices.


Course Objectives


  • SMART career goal setting

  • Knowing your favorite career field in NZ and enjoying it

  • Knowing your favorite field in NZ and finding money-making career with it

  • How to plan your career successfully

  • Gaining the right research skills to discover your future passion

  • Searching beyond your career advisor

  • What is the NZ job marketing like

  • Understanding entrepreneurship and its value for the Youth in NZ

  • Being a small business in NZ

  • C.V design best practices for the NZ market

  • Making simple achievements and experience look bright in the C.V

  • How to be a confident interviewee

  • NZ Job search best practices






A Rugby coach does not kick the ball for you however he can certainly make you an excellent player.  Performa Coaches do the same thing for you.  How may you ask? A coach can ignite the energy within the students to be successful.   

Imagine you are an A student, by saying A student; we do not mean a grade for your scores only, for Performa it means you are:

  • Successful

  • Organized

  • Confident with your friends

  • Confident with your Lecturers and Teachers

  • Have a clear path to your future

It is unfortunate to see many students who are D's and E's; again, we are not referring to grades, however, we mean those students who are:

  • Lost

  • fearful

  • Disorganized

  • lack confidence with others and their future


The GOOD NEWS is it doesn't have to be this way!  When you sit with one of Performa's Coaches, you will see yourself an A student with the right capacity for success and see your bright future on the horizon.  Performa student 1-on-1 coaching can help you work with the following:

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