It is said that the only constant thing in the world is change. It is easy and comfortable to slip into a routine and enforce it on others. While routine is proven to be useful many times it can lead you downhill at other times. There are people who are not comfortable with changes in the environment around them and hence they tend to ignore it and later find themselves overwhelmed by it. There is another type of people who are not just ready for change, they anticipate change and blend with it well to bring the best out of it. Those people are the successful ones and they are the ones who are doing well in this day in age. This course helps employees of all levels to be like the latter and how to cope well with current market changes and use it to their advantage.

Course Objectives:

·         The mind that slips in the routine.

·         What does it mean to be open to change?

·         The mindset of a change agent.

·         Stages of people facing the routine.

·         How to be a successful catalyst for change.

·         Self-change and team change.

·         How to unfreeze and freeze again.

·         A comprehensive change management plan.

·         Internal and external analysis.

·         Understanding the world around us.

·         When to have a "routine" mentality and when not to have it.