Followers perform well when they have a leader to look up to. Are you a leader or a manager in business? Or are you both? Should you concern yourself with this? Experts suggest that seniors in business need to be both at the same time. One would wonder what is the difference between a leader and a manager. While there are many things out there on the net; any senior needs to understand the difference and needs to know why he/she needs to be both, a leader and a manager. While there are clear differences a manager at any level in the workforce needs to exhibit the traits of both. This course helps managers of all levels to understand those concepts and learn how to apply with their teams to maximize work outcomes and reach company goals.

Course Objectives:
  • Understanding what leadership is.

  • Understanding what management is.

  • Comprehending the difference between leadership and management.

  • Why you need to be a leader and a manager in the workplace.

  • Types of leaders.

  • Applying the right leadership styles.

  • Successful management concepts.

  • The art of delegation.

  • The importance of motivation.

  • Creating a positive team vibe.

  • Demolishing communication barriers.

  • Creating rapport with the team.