The leader of the team would know his/her team well and is clear on the direction on where it is going. Whether the direction is good or bad the leader would know. Some leaders find it difficult to understand the challenges that are happening on the team let alone fixing problems within it. One of the biggest mistakes the leader would make is to assume that team members should know how to deal amongst themselves leaving them to their daily activities. A real team leader is the one that takes initiative and supports and directs the team to reach their ultimate goals. This course helps any team leader at any level manage team dynamics and help them establish strength within the team. This course also shows how to create a positive team spirit within the team and how to make sure all are aligned to meet the company goals.

Course Objectives:

·         Understand different styles of team leadership.

·         Different types of teams.

·         Characteristics of a successful team.

·         Stages of forming a proper functioning team.

·         The role of the team leader through the formation of the team.

·         Successful communication within the team.

·         Creating a positive environment.

·         Overcoming conflict and challenges.

·         Team goal setting and achievement.

·         Group planning and synchronization.

·         Creating an on-going team harmony.

·         The successful laws of teamwork.