How many times do we find ourselves falling the trap of planning the day/week ahead nicely but only to find ourselves interrupted with urgent matters? How many times do we not achieve 100% or even 80% of our to-do lists or diaries? How many times you have high energy and willingness to perform but find yourself falling into the sin of procrastination?!! Those are common issues that happen to many people in the workforce and there are certain tools to help plan ourselves better and anticipate the day and the week. This course gives the attendees a toolbox of proven planning and time management methods to help their work day better and push up their energy to create better outcomes.

Course Objectives:
  • Barriers to planning and time management.

  • Planning Essentials.

  • Identifying time wasters.

  • Diagnosing your day/week/month.

  • Successful tools to manage your time.

  • Savvy mobile apps to manage your time.

  • Manage time or manage your energy?

  • Realistic time and energy management.

  • Fighting the urge to let things go and become disorganized.

  • Becoming a master organizer.

  • Achieving a peace of mind during a busy workload.