We all have different backgrounds and hence express ourselves based on those backgrounds. The critical thing to note is that we do it unconsciously, blurt out words. Being a successful communicator is a great plus for youth in NZ. This would mean they can manage their relationships well and spread the message of empathy and active listening.


This course shows learners the downfall of communication barriers, arrogant feedback and the lack of empathy. It also gives them the ability to deal with conflict wisely without resorting to the fighting and flying modes and reaching a common solution with their team members. It shows them the value and the outcomes of active listening and how to give feedback wisely to solve any communication problem.



Course Objectives


  • The importance of clear communication

  • How empathy plays a significant role in communication amongst youth

  • Understanding your perspective and your colleague's perspective

  • Working with people with different backgrounds

  • Understanding the spirit of empathy

  • Building Stronger relationships through powerful communication

  • Building rapport with others

  • The direct benefits of active listening 

  • Corrective and supportive feedback

  • Identify and find methods to shatter communication barriers amongst your colleagues

  • Avoiding conflict with smart communication

  • How to influence others and create a greater buy-in

  • How to create harmony and a high team spirit with friends and acquaintances

  • Nonverbal communication – smart body language to support verbal communication